The Strong Roots Strong Wings Foundation was conceived in 2015 to spread support, compassion, empowering with educational and training opportunities to marginalized groups.

Our Objectives :

  • To Build Relationship Based on Trust, Respect and Unconditional Love
  • To Promote Awareness of The Cause
  • Training and Education
  • To Build Capacity
  • To Provide Support and Resources
  • To Build Self Confidence and Exposure

Current Project :

Kshamta Org

Location – Mumbai
Purpose – Kshamata believes in empowering and enabling women in distress to lead their lives in dignity, security and self-reliance. Kshamata’s focus is on social & economic reintegration of survivors of trafficking, and of women from vulnerable backgrounds, with special attention on de-institutionalizing victims of exploitation. Providing support , resources , funding, skills training and promoting awareness of girls rescued from distressed and sex trafficking.

Accomplishments :

  •  Two trips with 20 girls and Kshmata staff for the purpose of having fun and building relationships.

  • Initiated training opportunities for female taxi drivers in India.

  • Fundraising for shelter and boarding and various other sustainable employment and  training initiatives.

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