• The Leadership to Pathways  curriculum was written and designed by Priti Shah and represents the culmination of her personal journey over the last 25 years and her experience working with diverse communities as a volunteer ,community developer and trainer.
    Pathways program has very impressive results. The success of pathways is a testament to the intelligent, creative and positive energy Priti brings to her work.
    Sandy Berman
    Circa Enterprise
  • Priti is an exemplary adult educator, one who inspires others to create space for adult learners to realize their dreams. She has long been an advocate for those adult learners,
    particularly immigrant women, who have been pushed to the margins of dominant policies and institutions.She brings passion and creativity to her engagements with these learners and to her curriculum development work. Priti stands in solidarity with them, acknowledging their capacities and intelligence.
    Dr. Shauna Butterwick
    Faculty of Education UBC , Vancouver
  • In the early 1990’s Priti took a leading role in advocating for the greater inclusion of immigrant women in employment programming and policies with both the provincial and federal government. In all of this work, Priti showed an exceptional capacity to build meaningful relationships, support immigrant women to develop their personal power to overcome systemic challenges, and help all of us understand importance of  applying an intersectional analysis in our work and everyday lives.
    Marcy Cohen
    Research Associate and ex board member, BC - Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
  • Priti’s facilitation style connects with participants in a way that provokes deep and meaningful transformation. She brings a thorough understanding of social issues to her work, and she translates this knowledge into forms of experiential learning that resound with people of all ages. As a result, her work has incredible impacts on the individuals and communities with which she works. By meeting learners where they are at and approaching their participation in an activity or session as a holistic endeavor that engages their whole self, Priti is an efficient yet effective and incredible consultant.  
    Heather Holroyd
    PhD candidate, UBC Department of Sociology Vancouver, BC
  • Congratulations on the nominations and I will be sending out positive energy for you to win. These nominations are a validation of your passion and energy in this area of work and you have totally earned and deserved them.
    Raj Singh
  • I attended a few JEDI workshops presented jointly by PritiGami Shah and Christine Spinder in May 2021.  They covered topics such as Racism, Allyship and Collaboration, Intersectionality, Sharing Power, and Privilege and Responsibility.

    These can be messy and uncomfortabletopics  but both Priti and Christine approached them  in a compassionate, inclusive, and respectful style. I really appreciated them sharing their personal stories, which added a human touch to their presentations. Their combined areas of expertise and experience resulted in content that was both inspiring and practical. In fact, it was an empowering experience and I left with many takeaways, learnings, and action plans.

    As facilitators and presenters, Priti and Christine are outstanding!

    Ravi Basi
    Manager, Multicultural Services- Surrey Library

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